Why Practice-MSU?

Practice-MSU is a set of software tools for resolving three tasks:

  • Diagnosis,
  • Psychological experiment,
  • Education.

Being developed by researchers, department of Psychology, Moscow State University, it includes hundreds of “fully cooked” tests, and a set of constructors for independent creation the new ones. Practice-MSU exists in Minimal, Custom and Professional versions.


You can run tests, save and export results in the form of data files (MS Access).


The above plus view and export the results as text and diagrams, as well as creating your own techniques by means of constructors (optional).


The above plus data management and analysis, design and export of complex reports, tables and ratings. A complete set of service functions for diagnostics, experiment and education.

Minimal version requires no hardware license key and is free for individuals and non-profits.

Practice-MSU can be installed from website Internet installation >>

This site is under construction now.

You can find out more on the website psychosoft.ru (in Russian).

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